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The main focus of the Parent Faculty Club (PFC) is to provide direct support to our teachers, enrichment school programs and events, which in turn help our students achieve academic excellence and encourage a sense of community.  

Frederiksen’s PFC relies entirely on donations from parents like you! We all know personally that these are difficult budget times, and there are many requests of Dublin families to offset state budget cuts, but the PFC continues to rely on your direct financial support. Our goal is to raise money to support our school programs. This year Fall Check In will be the ONLY time that PFC will be asking for monetary donations. There may be an opportunity for your employer to Corporate Match your donation. We encourage you to look into this.


To increase the level of support we bring to our teachers, students, and school, please see more ways to donate below or view our other fundraising opportunities. 

$200 & above - Platinum Level


  • Frederiksen Sweatshirt

  • PJ Bottoms

  • Pencil Case

  • Decal

$150 & above - Gold Level



  • Frederiksen Sweatshirt

  • License Plate

$50 & above - Silver Level



  • Frederiksen PJ Bottoms

  • Decal

$25 & above - Bronze Level



  • Frederiksen T-Shirt




Friend of Frederiksen Donation 

a budget-friendly voluntary amount


Here is where your school donation goes!

• Teachers - The bulk of donatins go to teachers - with each one receiving $500, with additional funds for resources and new teachers.

• Grade level experience - Each grade receives $400 per class to be used towards a grade level experience!


• STEAM enrichment - Fun & exciting activities, programs and events that focus on STEAM!


• Student assemblies - Character development, awards, Veteran's day celebration, and more!


• Free/Subsidized events - Outdoor movie night, Fall Festival, Letter Writing Night, Bedtime Books, Ice Cream Social and more!


• School site improvement - Continued improvements to our beautiful campus!


Fundraising Center

About Fundraising

Our 2019-2020 goal is to raise
$85,000 for Fred, which is about
$150 per FAMILY!

 There are 3 primary fundraisers which raise the majority of our funds as well as events throughout the year that are not ‘dedicated’ fundraisers, but do earn money which off-set costs of events or support specific programs (music, art).

What programs will your donation support?

Classroom Teacher Stipends, Grade level Experiences, STEAM Enrichment programs, Student Assemblies, School events (i.e. Movie Night, Letter Writing Night, Bingo Night, Family Dance,

Golden Skate Night, Field Day etc.), and School Site Improvements.

This year, we have three (3) dedicated fundraisers:


  • Donation to the Frederiksen PFC

  • GeoBee

  • Panther Prowl Fun Run 

Please take a look at other wonderful opportunities that we are providing to earn money for our school's students, teachers, staff and campus facilities.

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