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Interested in becoming a Room Parent? WE NEED YOU!


A room parent’s help and support is invaluable to our teachers, the PFC and, of course, to our children.  Here are some suggestions on how to begin.

Room Parent Duties and Responsibilities

There are two main areas of responsibility of a room parent, as follows: 


I. Serve as a liaison between your classroom and the PFC. 


You will be the primary contact between your classroom and the PFC for all activities sponsored by the PFC, which means that you will be in charge of: 


• Ensuring your classroom parents are informed of all upcoming events. The PFC and school sends out quite a bit of communications regarding events, however there are still parents who are not always aware. Making sure to send event dates/times within each classroom helps.


• Encouraging parents to sign up for PFC Facebook page.  The PFC has a Facebook page which we use to share information about events, gather volunteers, and share other parent information.

Go to Facebook page at


• Attend PFC general meetings. These meetings last one hour, and are held the first Thursday of each month at 6:00pm in the library (childcare is provided if you need it). Note that this is a NEW REQUIREMENT this year, but one we feel is critical to strengthening our school community at large. 


• Topics for the general meeting generally include community speakers, event planning and/or topical speakers, such as the middle school principal, anti-bullying strategies, or Internet-safety. 


• As room parent, your role would be to encourage parents to attend these meetings as well and to communicate meeting information back to your classroom parents after the meeting


• Helping with Volunteer Recruiting. The PFC has planned many fun and new events this year which can only happen with parent volunteers. We therefore ask that room parents each help by finding at least 1 volunteer for each event. 


• Set up a classroom website (e.g., Shutterfly). This is not required, but we have found this to be a GREAT way to reach parents in a fast and easy way. It also allows for a central place for communication, photo sharing, and volunteer sign ups. Make sure you coordinate with your Teacher on obtaining permission from each parent to be on the site.  


II. Assist your Teacher in the coordination of various events during the school year 


Every teacher does things differently and likely has their own preferences for how to coordinate room parent responsibilities with their activities, so please speak with them to determine how best to help. 


• Classroom Parties: There are four classroom parties a year: Halloween, Winter, Valentine’s Day, and End of Year. Teachers typically have a classroom part either at the beginning of the day, or at the end, and require donations/sign ups from parents for food and help during the event. 


• Budget: Each classroom will receive a budget for room parents to spend on parties. The money can be used to offset donations parents may  bring in. You simply submit your receipts to the PFC for reimbursement.  - View/Print Reimbursement Form


• Teacher Appreciation Week: Teacher Appreciation is in the spring and is filled with daily school-wide activities. For example, ‘Monday - bring a flower for your teacher’, or ‘Tuesday - write a thank you note to your teacher’. Your role will be to communicate with your classroom parents what each day is. 


• Other activities: Your teacher may ask you to help out with other activities that they may be planning (e.g., field trips, class help). We will also have a ‘spirit week’ this year and your involvement in that will be helpful as well for grade-specific activities (e.g., classroom door decoration). 


• Remember your Teacher or a PFC Representative must always approve any correspondence you send home to the families in your class. 


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Please visit here for additional resources to learn more about the role of a Room Parent including: 


  • Setting up a Shutterfly site
    please communicate with your Teacher in regards to Shutterfly.


  • Sample sign-up sheets
    Halloween Party Sign-up Sheet - View/Print    

    Holiday Party Sign-up Sheet  - View/Print

    Valentines Party Sign-up Sheet - View/Print

    End of Year Party Sign-up Sheet - View/Print


  • Teacher gift protocols and tips Sample Parent Letter 
    (used to communicate and garner interest to participate in a group gift for Teacher) - View/Print


  • Tips for requesting donations for classroom parties 
    (used to communicate and garner interest to participate in group gift for Teacher)  -  View/Print

  • ‘Getting to know you’ sheet for your Teacher to understand what they like and who they are (helpful for class gifts to the teacher, if desired) -  View/Print

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